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BOOK: 1881 History of Southeastern Dakota
its settlement and growth, geological and physical features–countries, cities, towns and villages–incidents …
PAMPHLET: Dakota Free Lands
Uncle Sam is rich enough to give us all a farm. Homes …
BOOK: Dakota Land and Dakota Life
Original title: Dahkotah Land and Dahkota Life Dakota Land and Life by …
Historical Business Directory
…an expanding list of businesses that have colored our county. Banks Alcester …

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1870 Agricultural Census of Dakota Territory (South Dakota Historical Society


Union County Atlas and Plat Book, Geo. A. Oble and Company, Chicago, 1910. [Historical Mapworks]

Click on the map to explore a full sized version of this 1940 SD Road Map from the David Rumsey Collection.

Click on the thumbnail above to explore a full-sized 1940 South Dakota Road Map from the David Rumsey Collection!


Alcester Union, 1900-current
Beresford Newspaper Archives

  • Beresford News (1899-1926)
  • Beresford Republic (1898-2014)
  • Beresford Weekly News (1908-1909)
  • Union County Republic (1897-1897)

Canton Advocate (1877-1897) Library of Congress
The Daily Courier (1890) Library of Congress
Dakota Gleaner (1874-1877)
Dakota Farmers’ Advocate (18??-1890) Library of Congress
Dakota Farmer Leader (1890-19??) Library of Congress
Elk Point Leader (18??-1913)
Elk Point Leader Courier (1913-current)
Elk Point Tribune (1880-1881)
North Sioux City Times (1997-current)
Lincoln County Advocate (1876-1877) Library of Congress
Turner County Herald (1883-19??)
Union County Herald (19??-1947)
The Union Courier (1877-1913) Library of Congress


online articles / eBooks/ papers

Andrews, John. History Lives in Union County, South Dakota Magazine, 9/6/2016. SUBJECT: varies

Atyeo, Janelle. Kindred spirits keep historic chapel going, Ag Update, 1/7/2017 [updated 7/11/2018] SUBJECT: Pleasant Hill Chapel

The Children’s Blizzard – January 12, 1888, National Weather Service, Aberdeen, SD.

Collins, Edward Elliot. A History of Union County, South Dakota, to 1880 (Thesis), University of South Dakota, 1903. [USGenWeb]

Keiser, Daniel. Elk Point Tragedy, South Dakota Magazine, May/June 1998. SUBJECT: Holiday Strike

Kingsbury, George W. History of Dakota Territory, S.J. Clarke Publishing, 1915. [Internet Archive]


United States Bureau of Land Management Land Patent Records (searchable)

South Dakota State Resources

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office – Facebook

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