Graphic banner displays a skyline that includes buildings representative of several communities in Union County.
Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Who we are

Our site features historical information, images, and memories of those who have or do live in Union County, South Dakota. The site is published and maintained by the Union County Historical Society and authored by folks who made our neighborhoods their home (both past and present).

Writer’s Posts

Contributors: We hope to develop a growing community of local historians who can contribute to the work here. Contributors may be invited to write, but you are also welcome to request an opportunity to write. Once identified as a contributor, you will have the ability to submit stories as they occur to you.

Editing: The stories will be reviewed by an editor who may contact you to request revisions or clarification. Stories will be scheduled for publication by the editors at a future date. It is our intention to publish stories on days that make the most sense, historically at a rate of no more than 1 per day.

Copyrights: We will only publish images here that belong to our organization or to the individual author. We will republish some images and writings from historical sources if it is clear that those works have moved to the “public domain.” Writers, PLEASE do your due diligence in offering credit to original authors/artists, even if they are long gone from us. If you would like to refer readers to information located on other websites, provide a link and encourage them to “read more.”

Readers Comments

We love to see comments and positive discussions around the history presented here. To guard against unwanted spam, our editors will moderate comments before they are published. Please keep your comments constructive and kind.


ANY information directly connected to living persons should be handled with extreme sensitivity. If the information provided reveals details about people or family members that may compromise their privacy, we ask that the author/commentator please ask for written permission to publish this information. We will keep permissions on file at the historical society.

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