Graphic banner displays a skyline that includes buildings representative of several communities in Union County.
Monday, April 22, 2024

Churches and Communities of Worship

HISTORICAhlsborg Lutheran ChurchSwedishSec33SW Spink
ACTIVEAlcester Baptist ChurchAlcester
ACTIVEAlcester United Church of ChristAlcester
ACTIVEThe ARK United Methodist ChurchNorth Sioux
HISTORICBeresford Methodist-Episcopal ChurchBeresford
ACTIVEBig Springs Baptist ChurchSec27NE Big Springs
ACTIVEBlessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic ChurchDakota Dunes
ACTIVEBrule Creek Lutheran ChurchNorwegianSec34NE Spink
HISTORICCongregational ChurchSec1NE Prairie
HISTORICElk Point Baptist ChurchElk Point
HISTORICElk Point Methodist-Episcopal ChurchElk Point
ACTIVEElk Point United ParishElk Point
ACTIVEEmmanuel Luthern ChurchBeresford
ACTIVEHeritage Baptist ChurchNorth Sioux
ACTIVEHoly Cross LutheranNorth Sioux
ACTIVEImmanuel Lutheran ChurchElk Point
ACTIVEKomstad Covenent ChurchGlenwood, Clay
ACTIVELighthouse Community Fellowship (Southern Baptist)Beresford
ACTIVELiving Word FellowshipMennoniteBeresford
ACTIVENathanael Lutheran ChurchAlcester
HISTORICPleasant Hill ChapelSpink
HISTORICPleasant Valley Presbyterian ChurchSec18NE Virginia
ACTIVEProject Rehema MinistriesDakota Dunes
ACTIVEResurrection Lutheran ChurchNorth Sioux
HISTORICRichland Methodist-Episcopal ChurchRichland
ACTIVERoseni Lutheran ChurchEmmet
ACTIVESkrefsrud Lutheran ChurchBeresford
HISTORICSt. Joseph’s Catholic ChurchSec4 Emmet
ACTIVESt. Joseph’s Catholic ChurchElk Point
HISTORICSt. Mary’s Catholic Church / GarryowenSec39NE Spink
ACTIVESt. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchNorwegianSec26NE Brule
ACTIVESt. Peter’s Catholic ChurchJefferson
HISTORIC1889-1950St. Peter’s Catholic School and ConventJefferson
ACTIVE1951St. Peter’s Catholic Parochial SchoolJefferson
ACTIVESt. Teresa’s Catholic ChurchBeresford
HISTORICSwedish Lutheran ChurchSwedishSec12NW Sioux Valley
ACTIVESet Free Baptist ChurchBeresford
ACTIVEUnion Creek Lutheran ChurchSioux Valley
ACTIVEUnited Methodist ChurchBeresford
ACTIVEZion United Methodist ChurchBeresford

Unidentified Churches indicated on maps

CHURCH, Sec8NE Big Springs(1924)
CHURCH, Sec27NE Big Springs(1924)
CHURCH, Sec12SW Glenwood(1924)
CHURCH, Sec35SW Garfield(1924)
CHURCH, Sec22NE Prairie Center(1924)
CHURCH, Sec6NE Richland(1924)
CHURCH, Sec13NE Spink (1924)

UNKNOWN Cemetaries indicated on maps

CEMETARY, Sec22SW Alcester
CEMETARY, Sec 24NE Big Springs (1892)
CEMETARY, Sec 8NE Big Springs (1892)
CEMETARY, SEC27SE Civil Bend [1892]
CEMETARY, Sec 23NE Elk Point (1892)
CEMETARY, Sec21SW Emmet(1924)
CEMETARY, Sec4SE Emmet(1924)
CEMETARY, Sec20SW Fairview(1924)
CEMETARY, Sec4SE Prairie (1892)
CEMETARY, Sec7 Sioux Valley(1924)
CEMETARY, Sec3 Big Sioux (1892)
CEMETARY, Sec20SW Virginia (1892)
CEMETARY, Sec 4SE Prairie

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