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Monday, April 22, 2024

Schools and Communities of Learning

We’re looking for help identifying school district numbers, names and locations. We’d also love to know all school open/close dates. If you know of a school (particularly early ones) that does not follow the district number system, we’d love that information too. Finally, anyone know why we have some duplicate district numbers? I’ll update the table as information arrives.

District No.School NameLocationOpenedClosedMap Verification
No. 1Jefferson1866
No. 2BruleBrule/Richland1866
No. 3Elk PointElk Point1866
No. 4McCookMcCook1892
No. 5Miner???SEC34 Civil Bend1892
No. 6SEC9 Civil Bend1892
No. 7Civil Bend1892, 1959
No. 8Section 11 Jefferson1892
No. 9
No. 10
No. 11GarlandSection 7 SV1892, 1959
No. 12JTSEC7 Elk Point1892, 1959
No. 12Section 2 Virginia1892
No. 13SEC29 Jefferson1892, 1959
No. 14SEC33 Pleasant1892, 1959
No. 15
No. 16
No. 17Section 14 Jefferson1892
No. 18SEC21 Pleasant1892
No. 19Powell1892
No. 20Pleasant GroveSection 20 Civil Bend1892
No. 21Section 22 Brule1892, 1959
No. 22Section 15 Civil Bend1892
No. 23Section 14 Elk Point1892
No. 24
No. 25SEC 9 Richland1892
No. 26PlainviewSEC3 Elk Point1892, 1959
No. 27Section 7 Jefferson1892
No. 28Section 7 Richland1892
No. 28SEC27 Sioux Valley1892, 1959
No. 29Section 20 Brule1892
No. 30
No. 31Section Virginia 161892, 1959
No. 32Section 5 Virginia1892, 1959
No. 331959
No. 34South SpinkSpink19731892
No. 35Section 19 Virginia1892, 1959
No. 36Section 24 SV1892
No. 37Section 33 Virginia1892, 1959
No. 38SEC 25 Pleasant1892
No. 39SEC 9 Brule1892, 1959
No. 401959
No. 41SEC 6 Brule1892, 1959
No. 42Section 9 Civil Bend1892
No. 43HillswoodSection 5 Spink1892, 1959
No. 44GarryowenSection 20 Spink1892, 1959
No. 451959
No. 46EmmetSection 3 Emmet1892, 1959
No. 47Mount HopeSection 7 Sioux Valley1892, 1959
n/aNorwegian SchoolSection 24 Emmett1892
No. 48Nora Section 24 Emmett1892, 1959
No. 49Cole?????SEC 10 Alcester1892, 1959
No. 50BruleSection 20 Emmett1959
No. 51Section 29 Alcester1892, 1959
No. 52Section 2 Alcester1892, 1959
No. 53
No. 54SEC 27 Alcester1892, 1959
No. 55
No. 56Section 19 Prairie1892, 1959
No. 57Pleasant HillSEC 23 Spink1892
No. 58
No. 59North Spink1892, 1959
No. 60HugginsSection 7 Virginia1892, 1959
No. 61StarSection 11 Emmett1892, 1959
No. 62Section 5 Big Springs
No. 63Prospect Hill1892, 1959
No. 64Big Springs1892
No. 65Big SpringsSection 11 Big Springs1892, 1959
No. 66Section 19 Viginia1959
No. 67Section 22 Prairie1892
No. 68
No. 69ScottSection 16 Virginia
No. 701959
No. 71
No. 72
No. 73Section25 Brule
No. 74ClevelandSection 17 Emmett1892, 1959
No. 75Section 21 Brule1892

Consolidated Districts

Akron School District (Iowa)

Alcester School District
Alcester High School
Alcester-Hudson School District

Beresford School District
Beresford High School

Dakota Valley School District (included McCook students who formerly attended Jefferson)

Elk Point School District
Elk Point High School
Jefferson School District
Jefferson High School
Elk Point-Jefferson School District

Unmatched Rural Schools

Coyote School
Curry School
Edwards School
Gibson School
Gothland School
Hoyt School
Island School
Kline School
Lamont School
Ludwig School
Murphy School
Old Roosevelt [1959]
Ryan School
Walnut Grove

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