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Union County Postal Service History

Historic Post Offices

  • Akron (Iowa)
  • Adelscat (1869-1873, see then Boreman)
  • Alcester (1883-present)
  • Alsen (1874-1906)
  • Beresford (1883-present)
  • Big Springs
  • Big Sioux (1865-1873, see then McCook Lake)
  • Blaine (1898-1899)
  • Blair (1871-1874)
  • Boreman (1873, see then Jefferson)
  • Brighton (1878-1883)
  • Brule Creek (1862-1864, see then Richland)
  • Brule Creek, Location 2 (1886-1891)
  • Dakota County (Nebraska)
  • Dixon County (Nebraska)
  • Elk Point (1860-present)
  • Emmett (1877-1893, 1894-1900)
  • Garland (1889-1902)
  • Gothland (1873-1891)
  • Grant (1866-1869)
  • Grove Hill (1876-1886)
  • Jefferson (1873-present)
  • Nora (1891-1906)
  • Lamont (1895-1901)
  • Lennox (1879, see then Blair)
  • LeRoy (1869-1873)
  • McCook (1873-1887, 1893-1911)
  • North Sioux City (1952-present)
  • Paris (see Beresford)
  • Richland (1864-1905)
  • Sioux Valley (1867-1889)
  • Spink (1872-1914)
  • Stevens (1923-1952, see then North Sioux City)
  • Sunnyside (1876-1883)
  • Texas (1870-1875)
  • Virgina (1869-1881)
  • Willow (1861-1869, see then Adelscat)

Primary United States Post Offices were established in Elk Point, Jefferson, Alcester, and Beresford and a citizen was selected in each to fulfill the duties of post master. Small communities established small post offices that could expect delivery to local postmasters on a less frequent basis (once or twice a week). Farmers travelled to their assigned post office to retrieve their mail.

1888 Postal Delivery Schedule 1888
The David Rumsey Map Collection
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Beresford holds the honor of being the third post office in South Dakota to establish, on May 1, 1900, a free rural delivery system. Elk Point (on August 1, 1902) and Jefferson (on October 15, 1903) joined a wave of nearly 100 towns in the state that established this service between 1899 and 1904. Iconic rural post boxes began to pop up throughout the countryside and many small post offices were discontinued as more and more postal patrons elected to receive free mail delivery.

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Postmaster Finder (United States Postal Service DB)
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